How to install aaPanel on Ubuntu 22.04

aaPanel is an open-source lightweight Linux control panel that provides a web interface and tools that simplify the creation of a web hosting environment. The control panel offers a straightforward web dashboard to set up websites, databases, DNS entries, mail accounts, and applications on the server.

In this article, we’ll install aaPanel on a Server, then create a simple website using the web interface.


  • Deploy a new Ubuntu 20.04 cloud server.
  • SSH to the server and Create a standard user with sudo privileges.
  • Update the server.

Step 1 – Install aaPanel

Download the aaPanel installation script.

wget -O && sudo bash aapanel

Step 2 – Configure aaPanel

Copy the random secure URL from your SSH console. Paste it in your web browser and log in to the control panel using random credentials generated by the installation script.


Step 3 – Install a LAMP Stack

You will be required to install a web stack on your server. Both the LEMP and LAMP Stack will be displayed in a pop-up window. Select your best choice. In this article, we’ll install the LAMP stack.

The web stack installation process will start. Depending on your server specifications, the installation will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Next, the main aaPanel dashboard displays your current server resources usage, traffic, statistics, and control panel tools to configure the server.

Step 4 – Add a Domain Name

Let’s add a new domain name and create a simple website to host on the server.

Navigate to Website on the right pane, then choose between a PHP or Node JS Project and click Add Site. Enter your domain name, a description for the website, then select your database server and PHP version to use.

To secure the website with HTTPS, click Apply for SSL, then click Submit to create your new website.

Your website will be parked with a default system page. You can change it by uploading your website files to the domain’s web files directory /var/www/wwwroot/

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