How To Install DirectAdmin on AlmaLinux

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel with a graphical user interface to make managing websites simpler. It is a very user-friendly, simple to use, and quick control panel. Thanks to its programming, DirectAdmin is the quickest operating control panel. DirectAdmin instantly recovers from crashes, preventing downtime.

When you Install DirectAdmin on AlmaLinux, you get access to all the capabilities found in web hosting control panels thanks to the program. There is immediate access to features like phpMyAdmin, MySQL, SSL, web server configuration, SSH, and email server settings. You will also receive 24/7 support for any issues you may encounter with the product.

The three access levels offered by DirectAdmin are Admin, Reseller, and User. From the Administrator or Reseller access level, the DirectAdmin Web Control Panel makes it simple to create a variety of accounts. Administrators can create additional Admin or Reseller accounts in DirectAdmin and have full access to the server. Resellers can also generate User accounts.

To install DirectAdmin, you will need to have a server that meets the following requirements:

  • A Linux distribution, such as AlmaLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian
  • At least 2GB of RAM.
  • At least 20GB of disk space.
  • A static IP address.
  • Valid Client ID & License ID form DirectAdmin

Main Features of DirectAdmin

Review the Administrator and General benefits of DirectAdmin at a glance:

  • Create / Modify Admins and Resellers.
  • Reseller Packages.
  • Show All Users.
  • DNS Administration.
  • IP Manager.
  • Mail Queue Administration.
  • System / Services Info.
  • Complete Usage Statistics.
  • DNS Clustering.
  • SPAM fighting tools in DirectAdmin.
  • Licensing / Updates.
  • Integrated Ticket Support System.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Plugin System.
  • Live Updates.
  • Completely Customizable.
  • Automatic Recovery from Crashes.
  • Supports Your Customers Through Site-Helper.

Step 1. Create/Buy Trial License

As the first action, you must obtain the license for the server IP where you intend to install DirectAdmin. To do this, register an account on the Official Website of DirectAdmin. Then, you will receive the login credentials for the registered email address, including the password. After that, create a Trial license from the DirectAdmin account page, and provide the server IP address where you wish to install the hosting control panel.

Step 2. Update Your Server

Once you completed the previous steps successfully, use the command below on your AlmaLinux server to make sure all the packages are up-to-date and the repo rebuilds.

dnf update
sudo dnf install epel-release

Step 3. Install DirectAdmin on AlmaLinux

Since you can use a preconfigured script to install DirectAdmin on AlmaLinux, you do not need to run so many commands. So, run the script and set up your AlmaLinux web hosting control panel.

bash <(curl -Ss || wget -O - auto

Step 4. Make a note of the Admin Username and Password

The setup will provide you with the Admin username and password as well as the login URL, which is just your-server-IP and port 2222, once the installation is complete.

Note:  In the case of forgetting your admin password for DirectAdmin, run the following command to recover it:

grep adminpass /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/setup.txt
cat /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/setup.txt

Step 5. Access Web Interface & Use DirectAdmin

Open your preferred browser you can access your IP address along with 2222 port. Also, you must open the 2222 port in the system/cloud firewall (if you are using a firewall).

One of the below addresses should be entered:

Step 6. DirectAdmin Dashboard

Once you view the below screen, you are ready to use the interface to create Users, Resellers, manager Domains, and more. To learn about other settings, scroll through the dashboard and discover them.

You’re all set. Now that you have successfully set up DirectAdmin on your AlmaLinux server, start using it and enjoy all its brilliant features.

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