How to uninstall ImunifyAV

ImunifyAV isn’t for everyone. There are many factors when choosing between ImunifyAV FREE and ClamAV. If for whatever reason you decide not to continue using it, uninstalling it is easy via SSH.

Stop ImunifyAV

ImunifyAV runs as a daemon so the service can be managed using the standard service management commands.

  • On CentOS/CloudLinux OS 6, run the following command:
service imunify-antivirus stop
  • On all other operating systems, run the following command:
systemctl stop imunify-antivirus

uninstall ImunifyAV

To uninstall ImunifyAV, you need to first download the script with the following command.


Then run this command to uninstall ImunifyAV from the server:

bash --uninstall
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